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Today we get some old school stuff inside the gym. We get to do some TABATA! If you don’t know what tabata is, it’s intervals that are :20 on/:10 off repeated for 8 intervals. Then you move on to the next movement. How hard can 20 seconds really be? Well we’re going to find out! Should be a fun one and you should be able to push the pace. The goal is to hit the same number of reps each interval. My first set all the way to my last set should be hitting the same reps in those 20 seconds. Now that doesn’t always happen, but it’s a good place to start! Work hard and have some fun!

TUESDAY 6/13/17

A. “Tabata”
box jump 24/20
row for meters
KBS 53/35
*Rest 1:00 btwn movements.

B. Accessory
2:00 weighted plank
2:00 ring support

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