Hero Time

Stan, Suzette


  • It’s a new month, new month equals new goals! Get them on the board and start working on them!
  • Our favorite competition is back! Leave No Survivors is coming back. Registration is now open!! To sign up CLICK HERE

Today we get to test a hero workout. It’s a good one, doesn’t seem to bad but it catches up to you a little bit! Of course it has that dreaded running in it. Want to get better at it? Maybe it’s because you’re in-efficient? Take a read HERE and learn some new do’s and don’t to help you out!

FRIDAY 6/16/17

A. “Taylor”
4 rounds for time:
400 m run
5 burpee muscle up
*If you have a 20# vest, wear it
**20 min cut off

B. Gymnastic strength
3-4 sets:
15-20 GHD sit up
10-15 supine ring row
5-10 strict hspu

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