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Today we get to retest an old school workout. And of course it has one of everyone’s favorite movement in it! Some may like it, but I think most hate it. But once again it all comes down to how you approach a workout. If you have a pity party and are thinking negative thoughts the whole entire time then of course it will suck. If on the other hand you talk positive, encourage yourself and cut out the negative self talk, it can make a world of difference. Maybe you should think about trying it sometime? And what better way to try it then with something like today’s workout. Have fun!

MONDAY 6/19/17

A. Back squat: 3/3/3/2/2/2
*Score is heaviest 3 + heaviest 2

B. “King of the Wallball”
max wallballs 20/14
*Retest from 7/29/15:


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