• Teams series will be upon us before you know. You can find out more info by CLICKING HERE and sign up! They will be programed during the week just like the open workouts so you might as sign up!

Sorry about the no post yesterday! We found out at about 6 pm that some workers had unplugged our freezer that came on Monday. So needless to say we can a wonderful evening cooking and trying to sell our entire freezer. So if that doesn’t start your Monday off on a awesome not I dunno what does!

But we are back and ready to roll! Today we get some wonderful intervals. Enjoy it and push the pace, you can always go a little faster on stuff like this. Nothing should limit you leading up to the gymnastic so try and push it!

TUESDAY 8/22/17

A. “Long Haul”
5 sets:
50m prowler push 90/50
150m run
15 c2b
*rest 1:00
*17 min cut off

B. Accessory
3-5 sets:
50m single arm KB front rack carry/side
50m single arm farmer carry/side
50m sandbag carry



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