The feels you have until you realize it’s Friday!


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Another week has come and gone, and once again it’s Friday. Time just seems to fly by to fast! Another Friday here and you know what that means, another Hero workout! Push hard, scale it back if you need to! I know that everyone wants to be a hero and go RX or never scale anything in their lives but you need to thing big picture here. If you are always getting time caped, or you’re taking way longer than the normal person, then guess what? You are not making yourself fitter and just being “mentally tough”. What is happening is you are resting more than you are working, and last time I checked that doesn’t make you fitter, that makes you….. you guessed it, less fit. So don’t be dumb. Listen to your coaches, that’s why you pay money, because they know more than you do ( I know you think you know more, but you don’t, unless you spend everyday listening to podcasts and reading books…) Scale it back, hit the stimulus, and be happy that you pushed it hard! Enjoy!

FRIDAY 8/25/17

A. “Small”
3 rounds for time:
1000m row
50 burpees
50 box jump 24/20
800m run
*50 min cut off

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