What we’re doing when we do crossfit


  • Bring a friend day is this Thursday! ALL CLASSES ARE FREE TO TRY!!
  • It’s a new month! That means new goals on the goal board!!

Well I know last month we didn’t have a lot of people write goals on the goal board. So hopefully this month we can have more people write down some goals! Like we’ve said, yes it’s a 30 day goal, but understand this 30 day goal can progress into a bigger goal. Lets say you want to do 20 pullups unbroken and you have 5. The first month can be do 20 pullups every week, next month it could be do try for 7 unbroken once a week, next month could be shoot for 10 unbroken and so on. This goal can progress until you reach the ultimate goal! I know i’ve posted this video before, but it’s worth a listen if you haven’t seen it, or if you need a reminder. We all know the new year is coming upon us quickly and we all know what crazy things people say they’re gonna do, and then it never happens. Lets not be one of those people!

Another great video Ben did. This is the whole point of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Worth a listen to understand how much we can impact not only our lives but the lives of others!


A. Power snatch: 3/3/3/3/3/3

B. For time:
20 reps @ 70% of heaviest 3 rep

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