Barbell cycling

Taylor, Tyler, Clay, Hilary


  • It’s a new month! That means new goals on the goal board!!

Some people may look at part A and think we are doing 2 workouts today. Don’t see it that way. We are working on moving the barbell efficiently. Will you breathe hard? Maybe a little, but not as much as you normally would in a workout. What will happen is we will start to get fatigued and form will want to break down. Our goal: to not let the form break down! Even though you will do reps on reps fight for moving well. If you know you cannot do it with this weight, then scale! Remember the best in the world in CrossFit our also the best movers! If you move better, and do it with a purpose, you will see benefits from it. If you move so so and don’t really care about moving better, you will hit a wall at some point and it will take forever to get a PR. Focus on moving better each and every rep.


A. Death by unbroken power snatch 95/65

B. “Unpredictable”
15 wallballs 20/14
30 dubs
15 box jump over 24/20
30 dubs

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