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  • It’s a new month! That means new goals on the goal board!!

If today’s workout looks easy to you or if you do the workout and after you say that was easy, then you didn’t go hard enough. The goal for this is to be a max effort, everything you have for 1 minute. Then you will rest for 1 minutes, change the movement, rinse and repeat. If you’re doing it the right way chances are your 2 round through numbers won’t be close to your first round numbers, and that’s okay. No one ever got less fit from going super fast! So don’t think about pacing and having a strategy to get the same numbers each round. The goal and intent for this is all out!

THURSDAY 11/9/17

A. “Speeding Ticket”
16 minute running clock:
1) max calorie AD
2) rest
3) max KBS 70/53 (russian)
4) rest
5) max calorie row
6) rest
7) max muscle ups
8) rest
*Continue for 2 rounds, doing the same movements

B. Gymnastic strength
10/8/6/4/2 x 2-3 sets:
*:30 ring support btwn sets

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