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  • Bring a friend day is Thursday!! All classes are free to try!
  • Holiday schedule: November 23rd (Thanksgiving) we will have open gym form 6-8 AM. November 24th (Friday) we will BE CLOSED!

So before we talk about this, let me say that I am not blaming anyone for breaking the plate. I know quite a few have cracks in them and probably are well on there way to being broken just like this one. We just want to remind those of you who maybe don’t know how to load a bar to do it correctly and maybe we can get some more life out of the bumpers!

So the biggest probably we see with people when it comes to loading the bars is that people love using 10# plates. Don’t ask me why, but you guys do and it is mainly the ladies (sorry girls, but it’s true) that love to add 10’s on 10’s on 10’s. I’m glad you guys are adding weight to your bar, I truly am! Seeing women lift heavy is a great thing! I wish all women would do that! But understand that we have bigger bumper plate (15’s 25’s 45’s) and the purpose is to use those bumper plates is to use them when you are continuing to add weight to the bar. So instead of using 3-10’s on each side of the bar, a 25 and a 5 would would just as well, or heck even 2-15’s on each side. I know it may seem like a pain, but the thickness if the bigger plates absorbs shock better. Meaning when you drop the bar a million times, the thickness helps it so it doesn’t crack like the 10’s.

So just keep this in mind as we add weight to the bar in the future. Like I said i’m not getting mad at anyone or saying it was just 1 person’s fault. Everyone uses the plates so it’s not a big deal. We just want you guys to load the bar correctly so we can save the bumpers as long as possible!

TUESDAY 11/14/17

A. “Firework”
3 rounds for max reps:
3:00 minute clock:
20/15 calorie row
20 t2b
max wallballs 20/14
*rest 3:00 btwn rounds. Score is total walballs

B. Gymnastic strength
3:00 hollow hold

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