• Holiday schedule: November 23rd (Thanksgiving) we will have open gym form 6-8 AM. November 24th (Friday) we will BE CLOSED!

Another Friday is upon us, and that brings along another hero workout. This one has a bit of a twist! Most of you know the girl benchmark “Cindy”. Well this is Cindy, but a few more pullups and then ending with some thrusters. Find a groove here. 20 minutes is a long time, basically 3 movements happening here. Pulling, pushing and squatting. So be smart. Not a lot of time to recover between these movement so it’s all about pacing yourself and finding a groove you can stay in! Have fun!

FRIDAY 11/17/17

A. “Artie”
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squat
5 pullups
10 thrusters 95/65

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