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  • We will also be doing our Annual Sub for Santa this year! We will give you guys details as soon as we know!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and great memories were made. Hopefully some of you were like me and basically ate yourself into a coma for a couple days. Hopefully we can get ourselves back on track! We all know the holiday’s are the hardest time for people to make it to the gym, let alone try and eat better. If you can or need to, wake up and come to an early class. I know it sucks but if you have a busy day I promise it’ll make your day better, and plus you’re getting fit while people are still sleeping! Lucky you!

Pretty good podcast below. I love listening to the Old school cross fitters and how they started and all that. I just love the raw stories of the old school, people doing it in the backyard or using cement as a KB, all really cool stuff. Might be some swearing so be aware. But something to enjoy on your Sunday!

MONDAY 11/27/17

A. “Third Wheel”
3 strict pullups
6 box jump 30/24
9 KBS 70/53

B. Gymnastic strength
3-5 sets:
50′ front rack DB lunge
50′ HS walk


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