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  • Our Annual Christmas Party is Monday December 18th at 5 pm. To find out all the info¬†CLICK HERE
  • We will also be doing our Annual Sub for Santa this year! We will give you guys details as soon as we know!
  • Reminding everyone that Bring a Friend day is NEXT THURSDAY. This Thursday is still November!

Just reminding everyone that today IS NOT bring a friend day! Save that for next week! Today we have a workout that maybe most of you will not be able to complete. Most of you might think it’s a stupid workout as well. But the best thing I was ever told at a CrossFit Seminar was that if your members cannot do a certain movement, that’s all the more reason to program that movement. So today we have a benchmark in the competitive world of crossfit. Most people who want to do well in the open or Regional or Games athletes have done this workout. Most of them will probably be in the 3 minute range or less. And most of them will probably start off with a huge set around like 15-20 ish reps. Pretty crazy. But non the less we are working on this skill, some of you will just be working on the low rings and some of you may be able to do the bar instead of ring. No matter what, understand that it’s suppose to be hard, that’s the point. Find a difficult scaling options and get to it! And remember, if this is really important to you, then you should be working on this weekly. Don’t just talk about it, be about it!

THURSDAY 11/30/17

A. “Ninja”
For time:
30 muscle ups
*12 min cut off

B. Accessory
2-3:00 GHD hold (face down)

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