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Okay we all know what Friday brings. It’s a hero workout of course. Now this is probably one of the most destructive ones around. Please please please be smart about the options here! Listen to your coach, if they say scale rounds, listen to them, don’t be dumb. People probably haven’t really heard much about this hero workout but this workout is probably about as destructive as “Murph”.

So if you’ve done “Murph” and you know how sore you get, then understand this workout could be the same, or worse so just be smart here. But of course have some fun! And understand the purpose of doing hero workouts. Think about the amazing freedom you have while you’re in the suck, push a little bit harder for the fact that you have freedom thanks to these soldiers! And end the week with a bang! I can’t think of a better way to start off a month!

FRIDAY 12/1/17

A. “Holleyman”
30 rounds for time:
5 wallballs 20/14
3 hspu
1 clean 225/155
*37 min cut off

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