Grinch that Stole Christmas



  • Our Annual Christmas Party is Monday December 18th at 5 pm. To find out all the info¬†CLICK HERE
  • We will also be doing our Annual Sub for Santa this year! We will give you guys details as soon as we know!
  • Thursday is Bring a Friend Day!!
  • Make sure you fill out and bring back the questionnaire!
  • It’s a new month, means new goals on the goal board!

Pretty interesting podcast. Maybe a new way to look at food or how you react to food. About halfway through they kinda get off topic and talk about this dudes job so can get a little boring. But the first little bit is pretty good! Take a listen

Also if you tend to struggle with this movement and hitting full extension good video to watch.

TUESDAY 12/5/17

A. “The Grinch”
3 rounds for time:
30 push press 75/55
*15 min cut off

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