Bring a friend day!!!


  • Our Annual Christmas Party is Monday December 18th at 5 pm. To find out all the info¬†CLICK HERE
  • We will also be doing our Annual Sub for Santa this year! We will give you guys details as soon as we know!
  • Thursday is Bring a Friend Day!!
  • Make sure you fill out and bring back the questionnaire!
  • It’s a new month, means new goals on the goal board!

Today is bring a friend day. Like we always say, try and invite someone to come have some fun with you. Also try to partner up with someone new. I know you guys love your workout partners but YOU WILL survive partnering up with someone else once in a while. And of course help people out! Have fun!

Today is Justin Rees birthday! If you see him wish him a happy one!

THURSDAY 12/7/17

Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
A. “Mount Crumpit”
Climb the ladder 3’s, 6’s, 9’s, 12’s, etc.
KBS 53/35
Box jump 24/20
Calorie row
*Partner 1 will complete full round of 3, then Partner 2 will complete full round of 3.

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