Happy New Year!


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Well 2017 has come to a close. As life goes on the years seem to become shorter and shorter. A year isn’t really, that long in the grand scheme of things. With that thought you can probably look back and see what you wanted to accomplish in 2017. So, how did it go? Did you accomplish everything you ever wanted and more? Maybe, but that is rare these days. Maybe you started out strong and then slowly faded away? When it comes to setting New Year resolutions there is always some problems we run into that need to be address. Maybe thinking about these problems can help you with your new goals/resolutions for 2018.

From what I’ve seen, people always have lofty goals or resolutions for the New Year. The problem is that they set goals, and then if they don’t accomplish all of those goals they are worthless souls on this earth. They think they are failures in life if they don’t accomplish the goals. It might also make them feel bad, lose steam, or just give up all together. A couple things need to be thought out when making goals for 2018.

1- People tend to lay out unrealistic, super intense and difficult goals. Granted this is not always a bad thing, but sometimes can be. When it comes to making super hard or difficult goals, you tend to feel like you have to make it all happen or you’re a failure. 2- People need to understand you don’t have control over what happens to you in your life. You make think I’m crazy saying something like this but let me explain. You can have a goal of losing “x” number of pounds or putting “x” number of pounds on your back squat. Great goals, but what if life has different plans for you. You might get sick, injured, have a baby, change jobs, move states, etc. All of this can change your goals for the year. All you truly can control is yourself and how you react to these situations. You cannot control what is happening around me such as the weather, people talking about you, what someone said on social media. You can only control your thoughts and actions to all of this going on around you. 3- How do you expect to make progress if every time you mess up you are considered a failure or you give up? In order to do great things or get what you want in life, there will be screw-ups. Every great person out there that has done something amazing has mess ups in life. You can take a look at Thomas Edison if you need some examples.

So how do we succeed in our resolutions or goals this year? Here are some things to think about. Training or life can be looked at a lot like surfing. In surfing, all you see is wave after wave coming in and you have 1 of 2 options. You can either commit to that wave, or you don’t commit. You can’t look back and wish you could ride that awesome wave again because the moment is gone. You also can’t regret that you didn’t take that wave because once again the moment is gone. You just have to decide if the wave is worth it or not. The same can be said for life. All you have is this moment now, you can either choose to do this goal/idea/resolution or you don’t. Either way YOU have to decide if it is worth it or not.

When it comes to making goals and resolutions a couple points to help you out along the way. Rhythm and intensity are more important than hitting and missing. Push yourself and see what is possible. Try for something that might sound a little harder or crazier. Yes, there will be more mess-ups along the way. That’s what happens when you do hard things. Just like in basketball, layups are much easier than 3-pointers, but you might have a higher chance of missing more 3-pointers because they are difficult. Doesn’t mean you never take the 3-point shot. Intensity and focus on making a REAL CHANGE. If you want to be more productive, valuable, stronger, fitter, etc. you have to do something pretty bold. If you want to do something great this year, you have to focus really hard. Another thing to keep in mind is being selfish when it comes to resolutions/goals. I know this may sound bad but stick with me here. These are YOUR resolutions/goals. You need to make them about you. What do YOU want? Don’t base them on what other people would like you to accomplish, or what would make other people happy. What would make you happy? What do you REALLY want?

Still, I would keep two things in mind as you take on the New Year. I could say this applies to your training and programming goals, but in reality it’s just my best all around advice. I think it applies to everything you will do.

  1. Start with you best opportunity

    Everything in your life needs to make good business sense. My former self wouldn’t agree with that all the time, but I see it as a very plain and obvious thing now.
    If you’re going to fail next year it will probably be because you focused on too much stuff. A good business goal is not much different from a great strength program or weight loss plan. You only have so much resource and will. Setting priorities is critical. If you spread the effort out too thin you will run out of it before the job is done. Take what you’ve got and focus it like a laser on your greatest opportunity. It might be a weakness to address, a brand new skill to acquire, whatever. Push hard and move the biggest needle forward first.  There’s no better way to start.

    2. Make sure your efforts scale

    Your resolution doesn’t have to be perfect, not even close. Big growth happens when you start boldly and keep at it. So, other than your big start, you just have to work on the keeping at it part. I think you can go a long way towards ensuring success by just thinking forward. You have to make sure that your actions and goals scale up. It’s not a hard thing to do. Just think it through. Once you achieve a certain goal, what will come next? You can essentially pressure check any plan just by asking that question at each stage along the way, from the big year-long target working backwards to every monthly, weekly, and daily action. There has to be a pattern of, “If this then that.”

You should be able to see a clear path forward. If you get what you’re working towards what will come next? Where will that take you? What will then be possible? If you can see a path forward – filled with big but manageable goals, building day by day to even more opportunities – then there’s a great chance you’ll progress and move down that path. Of course the opposite is also very true. If you cannot see a path forward then why would anything in your life change? Again, set a better goal.

Focus and scale, keep it simple. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

TUESDAY 1/2/17

A. “Caviar”
For time:
50 strict press 75/55 **95/65
50 abmat sit ups
100 dubs (200 singles)
*12 min cut off

B. Gymnastic strength
10/8/6/4/2 x 2-3 sets:
supine ring row
alt. pistol


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