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If you haven’t noticed, this week has been a “deload” week for you guys. A time to reset the body, hopefully we did workouts that were still difficult, but didn’t destroy you, and we avoided a heavy barbell to help the central nervous system recover a little bit.

As you guys all know, I like to program in “blocks” or “micro cycles”. Basically we have a certain goal for a certain amount of weeks to improve on. These next few weeks will be geared around getting ready for the open.

We all know that the open is just crossfit at it’s core. Which we do on a daily basis. But the open does tend to have some common qualities each and every year. Things like, a barbell that usually increases in weight as you do more work. High volume of gymnastics (c2b, muscle up, HSPU, t2b, etc.) longer workouts (12 min +) and last but not least, dumbbells (which Dave Castro just posted on Instagram might be happening for 18.???).

So over the next few weeks we will be doing some good fitness to get us ready. There will be 2 things you will mostly see here. 1 is you’ll see we’ll have some intervals (work for 4 min/rest 4 min for 3 rounds) or something of that nature. This is just teaching you to put out a very high power output, recover and repeat. The better you can recover, the more fit you can become. The other thing you will see is open style workouts on Fridays. Reason being is that is when we will be programming the open workouts for you guys, so it’ll be nice to have your body prepared and used to that time of workout. The workouts will be open style on Fridays. Some dumbbells involved, some longer workouts, high volume gymnastics, some heavy barbell in there, just the normal stuff. So maybe an idea would be starting to rest on a Wednesday or a Thursday to help you recover a little bit during the week to hit Friday hard!

Every year it amazes people that even though the open is just 1 WORKOUT PER WEEK, how devastating that 1 workout can do to your body. It can wreck you for days. And why is that? Because you tend to put out a huge output for that workout, because it matters to you and because you put a score online. So treat these next few weeks of Friday’s just like that. Hit it with everything you have, that way when the open comes it won’t be a shock to the system!

FRIDAY 1/5/18

A. “Thunder and Lightning”
Box jump over 24/20
*15 min cut off

B. Accessory
3-5 sets:
10 bottoms up KB press/side
:30-:45 ring support
20-30 hip ext.

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