Nutrition Challenge starts today!!


  • We will be making changed to the schedule in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Nutrition Challenge startsThursday, January 11th! All the info is RIGHT HERE
  • For any of the Nutrition videos here they are. VIDEO 1VIDEO 2.
  • Measurements and pictures (front, left side, back) need to be done this week!
  • Once you’ve paid you’ll get your trays for the Nutrition Challenge!

Today is the start of the Nutrition Challenge. Will it be a challenge, hopefully yes it will. With it being a challenge the goal is it should help you grow and understand how to change bad habits. Remember the goal here isn’t to eat well for 6 weeks and then give up after that. The goal would be after these 6 weeks, how do you treat the other 46 weeks left? That is what we are looking for here. An actual LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not just a “DIET”.

Good luck to you all! Make sure you get your measurements and pictures taken care of!!

A good little video to get you ready:

THURSDAY 1/11/18 

A. “Fighting Words”
3 rounds for time:
9 burpee box jump 24/20
15 T2b
*Rest 1:00 btwn rounds
**14 min cut off

B. Accessory
4-5 sets:
10 single arm row/side
15-20 banded face pull
10 single arm DB press/side


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