• Make sure you’re keeping up on your points for the nutrition challenge
  • It’s that time again to sign up for the CrossFit Open. To sign up CLICK HERE
  • Barbell club is Saturday at 7 AM! Reminder the cost is 20$ per month.
  • Reminder no more 6:30 AM class
  • CrossFit Kids will start on March 1st and go every Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5 PM
  • We need judges for the CrossFit Open. If you know you will be attending Friday Night Lights please click on the link and that the judges course. We will reimburse you. JUDGES COURSE
  • Friday Night Lights we’ll be happening next Friday the 23rd. Bring the whole family, we will have a sign up sheet for food and heats later this week.

Well the announcement is tonight. What’s your guesses? Of course we’ll be taking it easy today, cyclical work only. This should keep us feeling fresh. Listen to your body though. Go easy if you don’t feel up to it, we just want to keep moving and stay loose.

THURSDAY 2/22/18

A. “Mount St. Helen’s”
2 rounds for max reps:
:50 on/:10 off
:40 on/:20 off
:30 on/:30 off
:20 on/:40 off
:10 on/:50 off
*1 round will be row for calories and the other round will be bike for calories. Can start at either station

B. Accessory
5 sets:
10-15 GHD sit up
50m Sandbag carry
10-15 Alt. step ups