• Barbell club is Monday at 4 PM! Reminder the cost is 20$ per month.
  • Reminder no more 6:30 AM class
  • CrossFit Kids will start on March 1st and go every Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5 PM
  • We need judges for the CrossFit Open. If you know you will be attending Friday Night Lights please click on the link and that the judges course. We will reimburse you. JUDGES COURSE
  • Reminder we’ll be doing Friday Night Lights again this Friday! Bring the whole family, we will have a sign up sheet for food and heats later this week.
  • Bring a Friend day is this Thursday!! All classes free to try!

We have quite a few people who are doing 18.1 for the first time or as a redo on Monday. If you are thinking about it and you haven’t talked to us please let us know! We need judges to help judge so we don’t have everyone staying there forever since the workout is 20 minutes long. So please let us know! Also make sure you PUT IN YOU SCORES! Do not forget to put them in, especially after doing that workout for 20 minutes, make sure you put them in. The deadline to put in the score is 6 PM but do it earlier if possible because the site will be slow the closer it gets to 6 pm.

If you are doing the workout again, something to think about is what are you going to do differently? Have a strategy here. You cannot have the same game plan and just say “i’m going to go faster”. Usually that never works out, decide if you need to break up t2b sooner, pace the workout and go slower, maybe it’s the opposite and you need to push the pace since it was too easy. Have an idea of what’s going to work for you, then kill it!

MONDAY 2/26/18

A. “Bumble Bee”
10 pullups
10 DB push press (RA)
10 DB push press (LA)
10 burpee over DB