• Barbell club is Monday 4 PM! Reminder the cost is 20$ per month.
  • It’s a new month, that means new goals on the goal board!

Today we get to do another retest. This is a great display of a long, heavy metcon. Most people can handle a heavy metcon if it’s on the shorter side, or if the reps are low. Well this one is both longer and higher reps. We’ve done this before, and if you were here the goal would be to look up your old score and beat it. Some of you might be able to go heavier than you did last time. Even if that is the case still try and push the pace and beat your old score.

Always a friendly reminder to brush up and check out how to move better in the squat. People think that air squats don’t matter. But that’s the foundation of the squat. If that air squat struggles, then imagine what will happen when you add a heavy load and do a lot of reps (like today). That’s why the basics are always the most important.

MONDAY 5/7/18

A. “Shoot the Thrill”
For time:
800 m run
21 back squat 225/155
800 m run
15 back squat
800 m run
9 back squat
*23 min cut off
*Retest 6/8/17: