• Barbell club is Monday 4 PM! Reminder the cost is 20$ per month.
  • It’s a new month, that means new goals on the goal board!
  • Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday! All classes are free to try!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there! You are what makes this world go round, and without you there wouldn’t be us! So thank you for everything that you guys do for us!

Today are workout is going to be more skills based. Don’t worry about your rounds today, but focus on moving well and picking a difficult option! Trust me your fitness will thank you, it’s okay to do hard things. And it’s also okay to work on skills and slow it down a bit. Focus on moving well today.

MONDAY 5/14/18

A. “Whistling Dixie”
5 Pistol (a leg)
10 T2b
25′ HS walk

B. Accessory
3-5 sets:
15-20 Hip ext.
:30 L-sit
25-30 Banded tricep ext.