For those of you that want to do something Saturday since we won’t be having class or barbell club you can do this below! Or maybe run a 5k for time or something like that if this doesn’t sound cool to you? Or maybe go on a hike with a weighted backpack? Use your fitness outside for a change!

SATURDAY 5/19/18

A. 20 AMRAP:
400m run
max pushups
*Any break and you must run another 400m. Break would mean you fail a rep, rest on your knees/chest, or pike the butt to the sky for rest.

**If you have a partner can do:

Partner 1- Run 400m
Partner 2- max pushups
*Partner doing pushups will do as many as possible while other partner is running. As soon as the partner comes back to you, you guys will switch, partner 2 doing the 400m and partner 1 doing pushups. The pushups do not have to be unbroken. Just as many as you can accumulate in the timeframe of your partner running