• Reminder barbell club is Saturday at 7 am. Cost is 20$!
  • Since Memorial day is next Monday (5/28). We will only be having 1 class at 8 am. We will be doing “Murph” so be ready!

Wouldn’t ya know it, some more gymnastic work today. Once again it does take some skill to be able to handle this type of movement. And of course it’s much harder under fatigue, but if you make it simple movements, it tends to help out and doesn’t make it as complex. With the other movement being double unders today, you can still work on this movement and try and improve it even during the workout. Maybe try a new technique or maybe going bigger sets or something like that? Try something new today, you don’t always have to play it safe!

THURSDAY 5/24/18

A. “Just a Dream”
2/4/6/8/10- Hspu
5/10/15/20/25- Dubs
*Once you finish 10/25 start back at 2/5. Score is rounds+reps

B. Accessory
8 step up/side (Bar on back if needed)
50m farmer carry (AHAP)