• Reminder barbell club is Saturday 7 am. Cost is 20$!
  • It’s a new month, that means we need 30 day goals on the goal board! Get to it and get working on them!
  • We will be doing a CrossFit Event Fundraiser for the Morgan County Fair this year. More info to come soon! Keep an eye out for it!
  • Bring a Friend day is this Thursday! All classes are free to try!

Today is Bring a Friend Day! All classes are free to try! It’s summer, maybe it means people are a little less busy so hopefully we can see some new faces in the gym today. Hopefully so!! We’re expecting big things!

It’s Mckenzie Hansen’s birthday! If you see her wish her a happy one!


Bring a friend day
Teams of 3
1. “Gravity”
Calorie Bike (100/75/50 AD)
Calorie Row
Bench press 135/95
*30 min cap
**Teams of 2
50/30/20 (75/50/25 AD)
**10/5/17 Retest