• Reminder barbell club is Saturday 7 AM
  • It’s a new month, that means we need 30 day goals on the goal board! Get to it and get working on them!
  • CROSSFIT UNKNOWN HERO FUNDRAISER! You’ve probably heard about what we’re going to be doing at the fair. If not all the info is in the link. Grab some buddy’s and sign up! We’re capping it at 11 teams per workout so make sure you pick which ones you want to hit! FUNDRAISER EVENT

No barbell for today, but we do get a taste of the dumbbell. Chances are we will continue to see more and more dumbbell when it comes to the crossfit open and stuff like that so might as well get use to that dang dumbbell! Today we go with a new movement that was introduced to us in the open. My challenge to you is to go as heavy as you can! Don’t just stick to the basic 50/35 weight that they have for the open. If you can go heavier, go heavier! Don’t be afraid.

This video doesn’t really go into kipping but it does talk about positions for the dip which are just as important and worth a listen


A. “Mama Cried”
For time:
18-15-12 Calorie Row
15-12-9 Ring Dip
12-9-6 DB hang C&J/side
*13 min cap

B. Accessory
3-5 sets:
25m Sled Push
50m Farmer Carry