• It’s a new month, that means we need 30 day goals on the goal board! Get to it and get working on them!
  • CROSSFIT UNKNOWN HERO FUNDRAISER! You’ve probably heard about what we’re going to be doing at the fair. If not all the info is in the link. Grab some buddy’s and sign up! We’re capping it at 11 teams per workout so make sure you pick which ones you want to hit! FUNDRAISER EVENT
  • Just reminding everyone we WILL NOT be having classes on Friday night or Saturday. If you want to get a workout in, come to the fair! Sign up in the link above and come get a workout it. It’s for a great cause! Hurry before time is up!!!!

So like we have said all week! Hopefully you guys have signed up for some workouts at the fair! If not please do in the link above!

We will not have any PM classes Friday or any classes on Saturday. Like we have said, if you want to get a workout in, come to the fair and get one in! We will be there for 24 hours straight! From 1pm on Friday to 1 pm on Saturday you can come find us! We will be on the far side of the concession stands. Please come say hi, and even get a workout in! We love to see you guys, and we’d love if you could get a group and come do a workout! All proceeds are going to the Utah 1033 Foundation. Hope to see you guys there!

If you guys are still wanting to get in something in the am, or you aren’t going to make it to the fair 🙁 then we have a workout for you guys. Shouldn’t make you guys sore or unable to do a workout at the fair! So come if you’d like and consider it more of a “blood flowing” workout than killing yourself.

FRIDAY 8/3/18

A. “Lance Armstrong”
Bike for Max Calories
1:00 on/ 1:00 off
:50 on/ :50 off
*:40 on/:40 off, :30 on/:30 off, :20 on/:20 off, :10 on/:10 off, :10 on/:10 off, :20 on/:20 off and so on.
**Total of 13 minutes

B. Accessory
3-4 sets:
50 Banded Tricep Extensions
25m Sled Push