• It’s a new month, that means we need 30 day goals on the goal board! Get to it and get working on them!

Last day of testing is today! The light is at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully you guys have enjoyed it a bit. I mean no body likes testing days, but they are necessary at times! We’ve done gymnastic tests before and some workouts we have as retests and such. But it’s nice to have time trial’s like these to see where we are at as well. Knowing your fastest 400m run and 500m row can come in handy when you have to think about pacing for a workout with 5 rounds of running 400m or rowing 500m. Also know how many max pullups, hspu, etc you have can help you decide what kind of reps are actually doable unbroken. Can you do 21/15/9 of pullups unbroken paired with thrusters? Well if you have 40 pullups, you probably can, if you only have 20, probably not. But these things are good to know and will help you as time goes on!

The last day has the dreaded OHS. Now something i’ve noticed is we need to work on this movement more. Yes it’s hard, and a lot of people hate it. But I use to hate handstand pushups a lot. I did them non stop and now I love them. You just have to put in the work. The more you do it, the easier it will get and then pretty soon you’ll start to enjoy it. Now if I could only feel that way about thrusters….

FRIDAY 8/10/18

A. “Test #4”
40 Minutes to complete tests. Go in any order. Rest as needed between efforts:
Max Rep Unbroken HSPU (no resting on head)
200m Sled Sprint 90/50
Max Chin Over Bar Hold
Max Unbroken OHS 95/65