• It’s a new month, that means we need goals on the goal board! Get to it!
  • Nutrition Challenge will start September 24th and will go 8 weeks long! Mark your calendars. More details to come on a meeting before hand to go over all the details!
  • Demo T-shirts are in to try on to see what size you what. Follow the link to see what will be on the shirts! CLICK HERE

Hopefully you guys had an amazing weekend and are ready to get back to work! And here’s a great podcast to get your week started. This gym made somewhat of a bold statement, but the statement is the truth! If you’ve been paying attention, CEO Greg Glassman is starting to take a serious stand on showing more appreciation to normal members and not the CrossFit Games. He wants people all over to realize how many lives are being affected by joining a CrossFit gym!

Little video might help some of you today who tend to get some back pain while doing this. Remember only go as low as you can handle keeping the midline tight!

MONDAY 9/10/18

A. “Lead Foot”
For time:
400m run
15 hang power clean 135/95
400m run
15 hang power clean
400m run
*12 Min Cap

B. Accessory
75-100 GHD Situps
75-100 Banded Good Mornings