• It’s a new month, that means we need goals on the goal board! Get to it!
  • Nutrition Challenge will start September 24th and will go 8 weeks long! Mark your calendars. More details to come on a meeting before hand to go over all the details!
  • Demo T-shirts are in to try on to see what size you what. Follow the link to see what will be on the shirts! CLICK HERE

We will be having a meeting and going over the rules and all that on Monday the 17th at 7 pm. We will do this right after the 6 pm class. We will try and make this quick and painless, around 30 minutes. We’ll just go over which diets are approved and all the rules and any questions that you guys have! If you plan on doing the nutrition challenge please try and show up! And maybe write some notes if someone you know whats to do it but can’t make it.

Today we have some strength work mixed with some high skill gymnastic work. The goal is obviously to go heavy on the squats, but also find a challenging option on the HSPU. Don’t be obsessed with getting ugly reps, make them pretty. You will have rest so the goal is to keep everything beautiful!

TUESDAY 9/11/18

A. “Hot Water”
20 EMOM:
1) 3 Back Squat
2) 5-10 Strict Handstand Pushups