• Nutrition Challenge will start September 24th and will go 8 weeks long! Mark your calendars. If you didn’t make it to the meeting the rule sheet is attached RIGHT HERE
  • If you plan on doing “The Zone” for the nutrition challenge then click the link and it’ll take you to the PDF THE ZONE
  • Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday. All classes are free to try!
  • It’s a new month. Means we need new goals on the goal board!

Okay this year we will be doing something new for the first time! So last year we did an in house competition. Everyone who did it seemed to love it. Well the plan was to do it this year until we ended up doing the 24 hours of hero workouts. So we have decided to do a Halloween Throwdown in place of the in house competition.

So let’s talk a bit about this Halloween Throwdown. Is it a competition? Sort of but not really. The goal is to have some fun of course. But we will be picking your partners for you. We will be doing this in teams of 3. How we are setting this up is so everyone can partner up with each other. We will have each athlete being doing a different version, so RX athletes can be paired up with scaled athletes and so on!

Sounds a little confusing? Let me explain it a little more then. Lets say for example we have pullups in one of the workouts. The way we would have it done in teams of 3 would be something like this: Athlete #1 does jumping pullups. Athlete #2 does pullups. Athlete #3 does chest to bar pullups. Each will complete 10 reps before rotating. Make sense now? So the goal here is we want people of different abilities to be teamed up. The team will get to pick which athlete is which number, but it’s more about fun. There is some competitiveness that will take place, but it’s less pressure. All about having fun and throwing down with your teammates.

The other thing happening is we will have each team dress up. You guys can get as creative as you want, but the costumes should match. Meaning maybe a team of 3 could do mario, luigi and princess peach? Just to give you an idea of what we want to see. Maybe it’s 3 lumberjacks with matching outfits, the choice is yours, we just want some killer outfits that match! At the end of it all we will have some prices released, and best costume will be a big one!

We encourage everyone to participate in this. This is all about having fun and getting to know everyone in the community. Like we said before, you can sign up at the gym. We will pick the teams and the teams must wear the costumes the whole time and come up with team costumes! Hope you guys are ready, should be fun!

WHO: CrossFit Unknown Members
WHERE: No place other than CrossFit Unknown
WHY: For great times with great people
WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, Heats will start at 12:30 pm. Gym will be open at 11 am. Briefing will start at 12 pm.


A. “What’s Going On”
4 rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Box Jump 30/24
*12 Min Cap

B. Accessory
2-3 sets:
25 Abmat Situps
25 Banded Good Morning
25 Weighted Abmat Situps
25 Hip Extensions