Garret Orr!


  • Nutrition Challenge will start September 24th and will go 8 weeks long! Mark your calendars. If you didn’t make it to the meeting the rule sheet is attached RIGHT HERE
  • If you plan on doing “The Zone” for the nutrition challenge then click the link and it’ll take you to the PDF THE ZONE
  • It’s a new month. Means we need new goals on the goal board!
  • Halloween Throwdown is happening October 27th. MORE INFO HERE

Congrats Garret on being our member of the month!

What song would you play on repeat if you had to torture someone?

The Who’s “Welcome Christmas” song, in How The Grinch Stole Christmas

If you had to build a house out of one food, what would it be?

I think Spongebob Squarepants knew what he was doing when he hollowed out a large pineapple and made his home under the sea.

What movie title would you use to describe your life?

I would like to say that The Jason Bourne series is probably a very accurate. But I think we all know that is a far from the truth. “The Family Guy” may be a little closer to reality.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

I’ve ran three marathons, lived in Europe during High School and met Donald Trump at General Conference.

If you were given a million dollars today, how would you spend it?

Besides handing it all over to Joe Hansen for a nutrition challenge…

I would, be Debt free. Invest. Travel with family more.

 If you could make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?

To sign up at your nearest CrossFit and begin the journey to functional fitness.

Would you rather be hot and sweaty all day long, or too cold but you can’t do anything to warm yourself up?

Cold. Heat Stroke Sucks more! Trust me I know.

You just won free plane tickets! Where do you go and why? 

 Africa. I’ve never been there and always wanted to experience it.

What’s your favorite workout of all time?

 I don’t have a favorite. But I definitely feel a sense of strengthened commitment to those workouts that are dedicated to our fallen soldiers.

What are 3 songs that you enjoy listening to while you drive?

Remember Me to forget by Kygo:

Born To Love You, Lanco:

(Makes me think of my Sweetheart)

Thunderstruck, AC/DC:

Thank you Garret for always working hard in class, and always willing to listen and learn more about CrossFit!

It’s Deload week folks. So take the extra time this week to stretch, mobilize, take care of those bodies. Maybe go get a massage or take a salt bath. Take care of yourselves!

Remember though, Deload means it’s less taxing, doesn’t mean it isn’t hard 🙂

MONDAY 10/8/18

A. “End Zone”
For time:
100 Yard Farmer Carry 53/35 **70/53
100 Abmat Situps
100 Yard Farmer Carry
*For farmer carry: Every 5 yards stop and do 5 deadlifts
**22 Min Cap.
6/24/16 Retest:



B. Gymnastic Strength
30-40 Strict Pullup
30-40 Strict HSPU