• Nutrition Challenge will start September 24th and will go 8 weeks long! Mark your calendars. If you didn’t make it to the meeting the rule sheet is attached RIGHT HERE
  • If you plan on doing “The Zone” for the nutrition challenge then click the link and it’ll take you to the PDF THE ZONE
  • It’s a new month. Means we need new goals on the goal board!
  • Halloween Throwdown is happening October 27th. MORE INFO HERE

Okay the time is here! It’s time to announce our Halloween Throwdown workouts. Hopefully after reading these you will get an idea of what we’re going for here. You can see that all levels are more than welcome and we can scale movements more if we need to!

This will be super fun, and all levels will be able to be on the same time. Like it says we will pair you up so we can get the most even out of the teams as possible. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll answer them for you. Like we said this is going down on Saturday Oct. 27th from 12-3 pm. Hope all of you can make it. You can bring the family to watch and hang out, they just need to stay out of the way just like in the open! We will have a potluck dinner just like we always do for the open. Hope you guys can all make it!

Want the Throwdown workouts? CLICK DA LINK!

WEDNESDAY 10/10/18

A. “Pitch Black”
6 rounds for time:
10 Box Jump Over 24/20
10 DB Hang Power Clean (AHAP)
*13 Min Cap

B. Accessory
5 sets:
5 Pause Sandbag Squats (bear hug, AHAP)
20-30 Banded Tricep Extension (:02 at extension each rep)