Post Thanksgiving Gains

CrossFit Unknown’s Christmas Party will be Monday 12/17 @ 5 pm! Mark it on your calendars!

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! I also hope you ate everything in sight and had zero regrets about what you had! After all, it’s okay to relax and enjoy the time with family and friends during the holidays. And sometimes that means getting a little relaxed with the diet some days. I’m not saying go completely off the rails, but having a little fun is okay and sometimes needed!

We tried to burn off all those calories on Saturday, but we’re gonna try again today as well! Probably a movement in here most people hate, or maybe it’s just me? I tried to find the video where they had Mat Fraser and Rich Froning doing an open workout with thrusters, but couldn’t seem to find it so this one will have to do.

I’m showing you this for 2 reasons, 1 to show you how fast a barbell can be moved in a thruster, hoping that you guys might push the pace a bit on the thrusters, and realize when we do workouts like this one, this is the kind of speed we want. Which means you shouldn’t always go crazy heavy if you can’t move the barbell fast. The 2nd reason I show this is to show you that even elite athletes go in the pain cave. They show it off good here, after the workout they lay down for a second and get back up, but in the video I was trying to find you see that both fraser and froning literally can’t get comfortable and move around and lay down and stand up for like 10 minutes in pain. The point is, go hard and take some chances on workouts like these. This is the type of stuff they love to program for the open, and the reasoning behind it is because elite or not, a 95/65 pound barbell can pack a punch, and if you move it fast and go hard, you will increase your fitness!

MONDAY 11/26/18

A. Thruster
Build to a 1 RM in 15 minutes

B. “Send Help”
5 Thruster 95/65, 5 C2b
10 Thruster, 10 C2b
15 Thruster, 15 C2b
*Continue to add 5 reps until time runs out