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Today is a pretty complex workout. Not only do we have a complex gymnastic movement, but we also added in a complex weightlifting movement as well. This will for sure test your ability to perform complex movements at a high heart rate!

Now we spend oodles of time on the squat snatch. Most of you know now if you like or hate this movement, chances are bad mobility make you dread this movement. But we’ve spend good time on it that most of you should know what we’d like to see! So even if you have to lighten the load, fight for perfect reps, even if we are tired!

Now the bar muscle ups we spend time on, but not nearly as much. Some of you are close, some of you might have some more work to do, but either way the video below can help. This is basically pretty close to the same explanation they use in the Gymnastics Course for CrossFit. There is a bunch of good tips and nuggets in here. But notice how they focus on the basics first and foremost. People tend to forget that when it comes to gymnastics.

Yeah it makes sense on a barbell to do it right with 45# before adding weight. But people don’t think that way with gymnastics. So keep in mind, a bad kip will lead to a bad muscle up. Do that repeatedly and you create bad habits. Fix the basics and you with thrive!

THURSDAY 11/29/18

A. “Struggle Bus”
For time:
20 Bar Muscle Up
40/30 Calorie Bike (60/45 AD)
20 Hang Squat Snatch 135/95
*15 Min Cap