CrossFit Unknown’s Christmas Party will be Monday 12/17 @ 5 pm! Mark it on your calendars!
Bring a Friend day is this Thursday! All classes are free to try!!
It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you guys had some time to relax and maybe just be lazy around the house? Or maybe party with friends and family and go Christmas shopping?? Either way we are back to work this Monday, and we are starting this week off strong!

Today we get to see where our numbers are at, it’s been awhile since we’ve hit a heavy clean so hopefully you guys have an idea on what you’ve hit in the past. We talk about this all the time but the video below has some great views on what we actually mean.

If you watch the video, you can see how he pulls the bar all the way up into his pockets. You can also see how he is hitting full extension or “triple extension” meaning the ankles, knees, hips are fully extended as well as he’s shrugging his shoulders. After he hit’s this full extension part (around the 1:00 mark), you’ll notice how the bar kind of is “floating up”. Now at this point, you’ll see the knees start to bend, which means after he has hit this full extensions, he’s done all he can do trying to get the bar up, now his main focus is to GET UNDERNEATH THE BAR. So if you watch closely, as soon as he hits that full extension he starts to pull himself underneath the barbell. This is what we want to accomplish when we do squat cleans. Now I understand this guy has won some olympic medals so he makes it look pretty easy. But we just want you guys to understand the complex of what we want to see. How we want you to jump up hard with the arms straight, and after you’ve jumped and shrugged as hard as you can, then you pull yourself under as fast as you can.

You want some PR’s? Be aggressive. Pull the bar off the ground like you’re ripping a head off a lion. People who lift heavy weights don’t do it nicely. You have to be aggressive, and you’ll get the weight up, promise!

MONDAY 12/3/18

A. Squat Clean

B. “Thugz Mansion”
For time:
25 Pullup, 5 Squat Clean
20 Pullup, 4 Squat Clean
15 Pullup, 3 Squat Clean
10 Pullup, 2 Squat Clean
5 Pullup, 1 Squat Clean
*Use 80% of heavy single
**15 Min Cap