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You might hear coaches preach about this from time to time. Maybe you’ve heard it more than just a couple times, if that is the case then that’s a good thing. It’s something we stress about, it’s the CrossFit’s approach, they want Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity.

Now for most people, when they think of intensity they think of speed. Which is true. The faster you move, the more intensity you have because you create a bigger power output. But another approach to intensity is through load. Now this load can be done in a workout setting, meaning instead of doing 115# you do 135# and get it done in the same amount of time as someone who did 115#. It means the person who did 135# had more intensity and more power because they did more weight, faster.

Another way to add load is during out strength portions. Instead of back squatting 300# for 3, lets say I hit 315# for 3. I got more intensity, because I had a heavier load, and over time that will mean I will increase in strength.

Now the problem that tends to come along with this approach, is that people bypass the mechanics and consistency or “technique” of the lifts. They just want to lift heavy weight, regardless of form. If you can’t see the problem in this, the video below explains it in a deeper setting. But just think of how many bad habits you are creating, injuries you can get, and stalling on your numbers. All things you don’t want to see. So why we encourage lifting heavy and getting stronger, we also encourage moving better, especially on a movement like today!

Think of it like typing on a keyboard, or shooting a gun or driver. Things we can all relate to. You don’t want to shoot or type so slow that is takes an hour to complete a sentence, or an hour to hit the target 5 times. Likewise, you don’t want to type so fast you can’t even string together words, or shoot so fast you don’t even hit the target. We want that in between point. Where the speed and the technique is there. We want it all!

Yesterday was Coach Tara Hammer’s birthday and I forgot to post about it! So if you see her wish her a happy belated birthday!



B. “So Gone”
OHS 95/65 **115/75
*10 Min Cap