Holiday Schedule:
Monday 31st- AM Classes Only
Tuesday 1st- Closed
Wednesday-Saturday- Normal Hours

Just reminding everyone that we only have AM classes today with the holiday! Try and get in before all of the festivities begin, and you stay up all night eating about everything in sight! Hopefully you guys have some fun plans for today, remember not to be boring!

This time of you of course we all know about new years resolutions that happen all the time. Most people never stick to them. Here might be an easy process to help you get some of the goals you might want. Remember if you want a certain goal, you need a process to get to that goal, and to keep to the process you have to have an identity to it. For example:
WHAT: “I will loose 20 lbs next year”
This is a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
HOW: “I will go to the gym everyday before work and avoid processed foods”
This is the process
WHO: “I am a healthy person who doesn’t miss workouts and eats clean”
This is your identity

This might make you a little more accountable in those difficult times.

And of course we have a workout to help you celebrate the ending of 2018! Not much of a strategy to this one, go out hard and try to hold on! Have fun!

MONDAY 12/31/18

A. “The Chief”
5 rounds:
3 Power Clean 135/95
6 Pushups
9 Air Squat
*Rest 1 min between rounds. Pick up where you left off