It’s a new month, that means we need new goals on the goal board! Come up with something and put it on the board!

Time for a retest today! The famous CrossFit Total is what we will be hitting today! Always nice to see where the strength levels are at! A couple things to remember when it comes to retesting movements for max loads:

#1- Today may not be your day, if a PR isn’t there, don’t force it. Find something tough and call it a good day. No point in risking it and maybe getting injured. The body works in weird ways, and depending how you are eating, sleeping, stress levels, etc can depend how well you lift so don’t be to hard on yourself

#2- If you are feeling good and a PR does happen, don’t get greedy! A PR is a PR, no shame in getting a PR and calling it there, that means we leave room for progress in the long run. A 50# PR is for sure awesome, but sometimes can lead to that athlete not setting another PR for months or years! So don’t get greedy!

#3- The last thing to remember here is that getting stronger doesn’t always mean you get stronger. Sounds confusion, but what I mean by that is sometime in order to progress, you may have to work on moving better more so than getting stronger. We talk about this all the time, but if you’ve been at a stand still for a bit with any of these lifts, maybe you need to look at your movement patterns. How does your squat look, are your feet to wide, ankles collapsed, knees caving in? On the press are you overextending, pushing the bar path away from the face? On the deadlift are you jerking the bar up, rounding your back, not using your butt or hamstrings? These are all things that can be fixed, but they take time and can be boring. But we’ve talked about this before how with bad movement you can only get so far before you need to fix your movement patterns. So something to think about if you haven’t PR’d in a while. Sometimes you need to take some steps back in order to take some steps forward!

Pretty cool that just last year we saw this go down in the CrossFit Games. Don’t be depressed by their numbers, remember this is their job, their numbers are insane.


A. “CrossFit Total”
For total load:
1 Rep Back Squat
1 Rep Strict Press
1 Rep Deadlift
*Retest from 4/12/17: