Nutrition Challenge will begin first week in February. Video has been posted to the FB group or read the link below
The CrossFit Games Open is coming. It will be here February 21st. To sign up, CLICK HERE
Here’s a write up of the Nutrition Challenge Rules if you need to see it HERE

For those of you that might be asking why we are doing this workout, it’s simple. We are doing this because when we did the benchmark “Karen” not many people showed up. Now could that have been a coincidence? Well, maybe it was. But i’d bet a bit of money that that was not the case.

So we are doing this workout because I truely believe that if people are cherry picking and not showing up because they don’t want to do a certain movement, that means they should be doing it more. Obviously they don’t want to do it because maybe it’s a hard movement for them or they just hate the movement in general. And even though that may be true, you don’t get better by avoiding in. Life is hard, and workouts can be hard too.

So I can promise you guys that if people don’t show up and cherry pick again, you will see more stuff like this. Everyone can do hard things, and some times those hard things aren’t what you want to do, but after you do it I bet you’ll be glad you did.


A. “Karen on PMS”
Max Wallballs 20/14
*EMOM 5 Burpees
**Start with burpees

B. Accessory
5 sets:
15-20 Hip Extensions
100′ Sandbag Carry