Nutrition Challenge has begun. Make sure you are keeping up on your points each day!
Here’s a write up of the Nutrition Challenge Rules if you need to see it HERE
It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!

If any of you plan on redoing the workout, or maybe you’re doing it for the first time, the video below has some pretty good tips for ya. Granted the workout is basically a strict handstand pushups workout, but he goes into details about if you struggle with each movement, how to go about getting better at it before the next open.

Even if you don’t care about the open, you should care about improving yourself, which is getting better at the things you suck at, so why wouldn’t you want to improve on weaknesses?

It was Audrey Peterson’s birthday on Sunday the 10th! If you see her wish her a happy belated birthday!

MONDAY 3.11.19

A. “Gone Too Long”
20/15 Calorie Row, 50 Double Unders
30 DB Hang Clean and Jerk (AHAP), 50 Double Unders
40 Abmat Situps, 50 Double Unders
*DB Hang C&J alternate arms every 5 reps
19.3 Redo

B. Accessory
3:00 Weighted Plank 45/25