Time to run

Nutrition Challenge is officially over with! This week make sure you get your measurements done as well as take your pictures!
It’s a new month, that means we need new goals on the goal board!
This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day! All class are free for anyone!

Today we get to have some wonderful running. Tis the season so running will be happening! Some of you might really hate to run, maybe it’s because it’s a weakness for you, or maybe because it causes some pain. The video below has some good resource and info on running.

Like it says in the video, running isn’t bad for you, but running with bad form IS bad for you, and lots of people run with bad form. I can almost promise most people in this world run with heel strike, which not only produces less force and makes you work harder while running, it’s also not as safe and can tend to cause injuries (shin splints anyone?)

So, I’d take a watch and see if you can learn a little something. Don’t be afraid to implement some drills for you running technique, just like lifting or gymnastics, doing it properly it’s much safer and more efficient as well.


A. “Vulnerable”
Every 4 min for 5 rounds:
400m Run
10 Power Snatches @50%
*Round 2: 8 Snatches @55%
Round 3: 6 Snatches @65%
Round 4: 4 Snatches @75%
Round 5: 2 Snatches @85%
**If you don’t know your 1 rep max then go off of feel. But make sure that you are adding weight each set. Too light and this is pointless. The 4 and 2 should feel heavy. Score is load on 2 rep