Challenge Winners will be announced this week along with those who get some or all money back.
It’s a new month, that means we need new goals on the goal board!
We have a new schedule starting Monday April 29th. To read and see the schedule CLICK HERE

As we teased a little bit yesterday we’re going to just explain all of these classes we’ll be doing for you guys. Many of you might know what they are, some of you don’t. We’re just going to expand on all of them and what you can expect to see for them.


This is anything that is considered gymnastics (shocker). Anything that you have to move your body in space. In these classes we will go more in depth with movements you may be lacking. We will also go more in depth on maybe movements you don’t see us program that often. We will dive deeper into how to get the movements down, basics and progressions as well as playing around with these fun movements. Movements will include things such as muscle ups, handstand walks, handstand pushups, pullups (kipping and butterfly), toes to bar, rope climbs, pistols, hollow and arch positions, etc.


Just as it sounds, anything that has to do with a barbell. For the most part we focus on the olympic lifts (cleans, jerks, snatches) as well as squatting and deadlifts. We structure this around the class workouts so you won’t be doing snatches after snatches for days on end. This is also a great class if you feel that you are lacking in these areas or movements or you just want some more exposure to them. We can only do so much lifting in class so this is a great way to get the technique down as well as build some strength.


The goal for this class is no barrier to entry. People who have never done CrossFit can come to these classes. We will be doing basic movements, but structure them in a challenging and fun way. Workouts will last anywhere from 25-45 minutes. This will not be your basic 20 or 30 AMRAPS, we will put a spin on these workouts to make them fun and enjoyable for all levels. Movements you can expect to see are rowing, running, biking, jump rope, bodyweight movements, core work, some kettlebell and Dumbbell movements.

**As for right now we will keep it to these movements. If we find there is enjoyment and lots of people coming we might progress this to light barbell movements as well. Nothing heavier than 95/65 in any workout. We would suggest not doing SWEAT and a CrossFit class on the same day, but if you so desire it is your life. Just listen to your body and be smart.


Just like it sounds, the gym will be open for your use. The reason we are doing this is because some of you might want to maybe warm up a little longer, or work on some certain movements. This is a great time to practice some skill you might be lacking, or maybe a time to hit a movement you love that maybe you don’t see enough in class. This is also a great time to practice skills that take time to get the hang of them and require lots of practice (handstand walk, muscle ups, etc). This is your time to do whatever you would like. With this being open gym, we would still like everyone to come to a normal class and hit the class workout with the class. We understand if this might be your only time to get a workout in and that is fine, but try and come to a class. Everyone needs coaching, and trust me working out by yourself may seem awesome but suffering with friends is so much more enjoyable.

Once again if you have any questions, let us know. We hope you guys enjoy these classes and take advantage of them!

And for those of you that had trouble seeing the schedule, hopefully this picture helps!

New Schedule


A. Gymnastic Test
Max Rep Strict Handstand Pushup
*Once maxes are done, continue until you have completed 40-50 reps

B. “Two Thirty”
21-15-9 Hang Power Clean 115/80
9-15-21 Box Jump 24/20
*10 Min Cap.
**RX+ 30/24, 135/95