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Sweat Classes will be held on Tuesday @ 4pm and Thursday @ 7pm. Bring a friend and come try it out! 5$ drop in!
It’s a new month, that means we need new goals on the goal board!

Congrats Mckenzie Hansen on being our member of the month!

What are 3 songs that you enjoy listening to while you drive?

Hotel California (Eagles)/ never getting back together(Taylor Swift) / Glamorous (Fergie)

Who is the one historical figure that you’d like to meet.

Hmmm……well Jesus, of course!!

Favorite show on Netflix and why?

It changes a lot, but Santa Clarita Diet is my most recent fav – because of Drew and also because I’m ridiculous 😉

What song would you play on repeat if you had to torture someone?

The Goofy Goober song by Spongebob.   I am tortured with it almost daily 😩

If you had to build a house out of one food, what would it be?

Rice Krispie Treats of course!!! So much creative building potential there

Where did you grow up?

Sandy, UT – went to Alta High and then the U of U.

If you had to live year round in above 90 degree summer or below 32 degree winter, which one would you choose and why?

Summer of course! Too hot can be so miserable, but too cold is downright painful!

If you were a super hero what power would you want and why?

I want to be the female version of Thor. Controlling lightening and being crazy strong like Tausha would be super cool! 😎

If you could live in any era, where would you go back to and why?

Well, probably not ever in the past. Women kind of had is pretty rough up until the past few decades. I’m a fan of mutual respect and equality, so living hundreds of years ago being thought of as property or unequal to men is not my idea of a great life.   And I’ll just climb off my soapbox now….

What’s the first CD you ever bought?

I’m a little embarrassed to say. If anyone knows what “NKOTB” stands for, you’re probably as nerdy as me 😉

What are some of your future goals?

I really just want to be healthy enough to live to see my grandkids grow up.   That, and I would also really really really like to do a dang pull-up on my own!

If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world who would it be and why?

My husband, Joe, because he’s my favorite and we really don’t get a whole lot of “just us” time,

And Taylor Swift because she’s so awesome,

And Josh Gates because he’s the funniest and coolest archaeologist and probably has millions of the best stories from all of his adventures.

Thank you Kenzie for always showing up and working hard, even if there is quite a bit of talking going on! You make class fun for everyone, and always love showing new people about our gym!

MONDAY 5.6.19

A. Back Squat
5 reps @ 40%
5 reps @ 50%
5 reps @ 60%
*Use 90% of 1 RM for percentages

B. “Tip Toe”
70 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
60 Wallball 20/14
50 Pullup
40/30 Calorie Row