Morgan, Dallas

Sweat Classes will be held on Tuesday @ 4pm and Thursday @ 7pm. Bring a friend and come try it out! 5$ drop in!
It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!
We will only be having 1 class for the 4th of July at 7 AM. Hope to see you there!
No gymnastics class this week with the holiday
Signing up for the Fair Fundraiser is live! To sign up click here!

Just a couple reminders for this week. Only 1 class on Thursday with it being the 4th. It will be going down at 7 am and will be a partner workout so be aware. With it being the holiday it IS NOT bring a friend day, unless you hate that friend and want them to die, maybe don’t bring them for our holiday workout!

We will not be having a gymnastics class this Wednesday since the holiday is the next day. People always have stuff going on so we’re bagging it this week!

It is also a new month, which means the goals will be erased and it’s time for some new goals to go on the board. If possible actually take some time to think of some meaningful goals. Writing the same goals down doesn’t seem to make much sense if you never are attaining them. Either come up with a different goal or make it more attainable. Be more specific with your goal and something that is in your control.

Losing 5 pounds isn’t in your control, but eating healthy 6 days a week is in your control, think about your goal and write it down in  a way you can control the outcome.

We haven’t done this in a little while, putting handstand walking into a workout. We have done a bit of handstand walking skill and a low heart rate, so hopefully we can see more and more people trying to handstand walk as time goes on.

There is a million videos on youtube about handstand progression, and we’ve tried to vary our handstands quite a bit throughout the classes, the video below is a good visual in slow motion showing what we want to see. Chances are we probably won’t see that straight of a body line and that’s okay, but just understanding the mechanics of what the shoulder and body is doing while walking might make it a little easier.

At the end of the day, if you want to handstand walk, start doing it! Spend 5 minutes each day working on walking, whether it’s on the floor, against the wall, etc. If you do this promise in a month you’ll be walking on your hands.

MONDAY 7.1.19

A. 8 sets:
1 Squat Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch

B. “Count the Stars”
10 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
25′ HS walk
10 Wallball 20/14
25′ HS Walk
*Each round reps go up by 5. 10/10, 15/15, 20/20, etc
RX+ 50′ HS walk