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It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!
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Today we get to go fast, we’ve play around with sprints a little bit and the video below actually has some pretty good explaining about what we want to see. Hopefully most of you have heard a thing or two about what we want to see.

A couple things to keep in mind here, when it comes to sprints, the form might not be the best. That DOES NOT mean we just let ourselves get as ugly as possible. There might be a little slip up but you should try your best to maintain the best possible position.

Another think to keep in mind is the handle and the chain. The goal is keep the chain in a straight line since that is the quickest distance between 2 points. If you hear the chain making contact with the rower a lot, that means it’s not staying in a straight line so be aware of that. When it comes to the handle. the quicker you get that away from your body, the faster you can load up to pull again so don’t keep it at the chest forever!

The last thing to keep in mind, and this might be the most frustrating of them all. If you already are a bad rower, or you have not so good form, then adding speed will probably make it even worse. If you already have some bad tendencies, then adding max effort speed won’t magically make you better. Think of it like snatching, if you didn’t know how to snatch and I said do 30 as fast as you can, chances are it would get worse and worse as you continue to go fast. Same thing happens with the rower.

Now the good news is you can fix this, it just may take some time and some actually patience on your end. And by patience we mean working on good technique at a SLOW AND STEADY pace. Nothing quick, nice and slow making each stroke perfect. This can be done as a warm up or a cool down, show up 2 minutes early or stay 2-3 minutes late to cool down, it’s literally that easy.

TUESDAY 7.9.19

A. “Speed Boat”
10 rounds:
100m Row
*Rest 1:00 between rows. Score is fastest and slowest time
**10/9/17 Retest



B. Gymnastic Strength
3-5 sets
2-3 Legless Rope Climb
20-30 Banded Tricep Extensions
:30-:45 Hollow Hold