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Today we get to enjoy another retest! This is a great test to see how we are with a heavy barbell when it comes to cycling and handling it.

Although this make look easy, only 3 reps how bad could it be? It will sneak up on you. You will find out very quickly if you are leaking any energy. And when I say “energy” I mean if you’re in-efficient anywhere.

This classic workout is originally called “Macho Man” and was just an EMOM for as long as possible. Maybe now quite a few people could get to 20 minutes, but back in 2014 when this was released you were a cyborg if you could do it. Heck if you watch the video you’ll notice how just high level GAMES ATHLETES were able to handle it for 20 minutes. This workout is legit, but if we did just and EMOM format most people wouldn’t make it past like 5 minutes.

So today we mix it up a bit, now just be aware that this should be heavy but manageable. Most people in the video below can clean or jerk or squat far heavier weight than what they are using (205/145). But notice how even a few minutes in the squats and jerks start to get tough. They go from tough n go reps to singles. This is the stimulus we are after today so keep that in mind, and good luck!


A. Build to a heavy complex in 15 minutes:
1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Split Jerk

B. “Nacho Libre”
3 Power Clean 185/125
3 Front Squat
3 Push Jerk
RX+ 205/135
*4/17/17 Retest: