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It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!
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Bring a Friend day is Thursday! All classes are free!!
This Saturday we are meeting at the track at 8:15 AM. Hope to see you there!

Nutrition is always a hot topic. New information is always coming out on what you should and shouldn’t eat, and that information changes almost daily. Who knows what to believe??

At the end of the day, simple is better. Eat real, food, not too much, mostly plants and you should be fine. However there is some method to the madness as far as getting leaner or better improvement in the gym and so on.

At some point people will hit a sticking point and won’t be able to continue the weight loss. Hopefully this podcast can help, good nuggets and pearls in here!

A fun retest today, this one is a bit nasty and you might be sore for a few days. But a great test for how well you move heavy loads while tired. And with it being a bit “longer” helps to see how we’ve done with our capacity! Good luck!


A. “Shoot the Thrill”
For time:
800m Run
21 Back Squat 225/155
800m Run
15 Back Squat
800m Run
9 Back Squat
*25 Min Cap
*Retest 5/7/18