Help, please

Bring a Friend Day is Thursday. All classes are free!!
Gymnastics is Wednesday at 7 pm!
It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board

The past 2 days have been pretty brutal I must admit. I’m sure you guys are feeling it as well. But still nice to see some PR’s from Barbara! Great job to those of you who did PR.

Today we get an EMOM. EMOM’s are great for days when we aren’t feeling up to it or just want to “move”. Not saying that you should go easy on this workout, but if you feel beat up a bit then maybe scaling the reps down isn’t such a bad idea.

I made this so we could treat this as more of a “recovery” day without beating you up that much. Remember will all EMOM’s (every minute on the minute), we want to hit sustainable numbers/weight. So pick numbers or weights you are comfortable with and then be consistent with them! Fight for those numbers each and every round. This is a great test to see if we can pace correctly. Just use the clock. If first round you had :30 of rest and then last round you had :10, chances are we might have started out a little too hot! Have fun!


A. “Lived In It”
15 EMOM:
1) 12/9 Calorie Bike (18/14 AD)
2) 50m Farmer Carry 70/53
3) 50-60 Double Unders
RX+ 15/12 Calorie Bike (25/18 AD)

B. Accessory
3-4 sets:
50′ Sled Push
100′ Sandbag Carry
50′ OH Carry (each arm)