It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board
Bring a Friend Day is Thursday! All classes are free to try!
Gymnastics class is Wednesday at 7 pm!

Starting this week off with a nice good heavy day. Not only will we be squatting heavy, but we have a nice mixture of gymnastics as well.

The main focus here should be squatting heavy loads. That is what we want more than anything. Along with that we are just getting in some good gymnastics volume. With the options. we want you to pick one that you know is doable for you. Remember to keep in mind that the main focus is on the squat, so if you’re picking a hard option for gymnastics and it’s taking away from the squat, we don’t want that!

Good video, we see this all the time as far as bad positions for the head and upper back. This often leads to lots of fails, especially when doing multiple sets. Something to keep in mind and listen to

MONDAY 9.16.19

Heavy Day!
A. 20 EMOM:
Odd- 2 Back Squats
Even- Pulling option of choice:
*Options are:
1- 3-5 Muscle up (Rings or Bar)
2- 5-10 Strict Pullup
3- 10-15 Ring Row